i wear summer best


Dear beloved readers,

I recently submitted some photographs to a contest, and I would greatly appreciate your support. The links are as follows: Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3. Thank you so much - I love you guys!

[edit: Did I mention that 1st prize is a new camera? Yeah, I could use one of those.]

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i can’t stop thinking about it. uga is amazing. ever since leaving i just can’t but help to wish i was back there wandering that never ending campus. i want to be back there strolling around down town. stop by gigi’s cupcakes and grab a cupcake...or two. i don’t know if i can wait the sixty days for my letter of either acceptance or denial from them. decemeber 15th please hurry. i need to know. this whole senioritis thing is getting worse by the day. i am 97% positive that uga is where i want to be for the next four or six years of my life. the other 3% belongs to florida state. i haven’t had the chance to visit yet so maybe fsu is even better than uga. all i know is that fsu better step it up if they want me to like it more than uga. ughhhh, 222 days until graduation. 

i can do it.

Well hello, UGA campus

i dare you to let me be your one and only. i promise i’m worth it, to hold in your arms.

— adele

just 270 more days. just 270 more days. i graduate in just 270 more days. people need to get over the whole “high school is the best four years of your life so don’t rush it” mindset. they are all crack heads. high school has with out a doubt been the worst four years of my life. i mean seriously, you are in the awkward stage in your life where, you feel like you are old enough to do whatever you want, but in reality.. you can’t do shit. so what if you have your nines off? i can’t even have a say in who i want to run this country until the 2016 election because i will have turned 18 one month too late! instead i end up busting my ass my in high school so i can get into a good college. ah, college. 270 days just needs to hurry up. i’ve sent in all of my applications so now i just have to wait…impatiently might i add. 

the other day i posted on as my facebook status “ can’t come fast enough.” and some guy commented on it trying to tell me that all you do in college is read for homework and no tests have multiple choice. i laughed at him. honey, that’s what i’ve been doing already. he is also attending the local college which is practically like a big country club and not very challenging to get admission to. 

needless to say, i’m going to miss my friends. in fact, they’ll be the only thing i miss. i can never say enough about them. with out having the group of friends that i do, there is a good possibility that i would be in a mental institution from going crazy. unfortunately, most of the colleges that i applied to, my friends are not even looking there. but i know we will stay close. i don’t really ever see us not together. 

summer 2012, please hurry up

may 25, 2012. get on over here already.

270 270 270 270. 

live in love.

good morning sun. good morning mountains. your beauty and your radiance are wonders of this world. so sun shine your hardest and mountains stand your tallest. with you behind me i can face anything.


on the mount.

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